Euro Design 70

Profile PVC REHAU – Euro Design 70Euro-Design 70 offers the best conditions for construction projects.

Accredited with REHAU quality standards, Euro-Design 70 is an economical window system. Numerous shapes, colors and design palette, offers many possibilities for their design.

Technical specifications for Euro Design 70:

  • Constructive depth: 70 mm
  • Number of rooms: 5 rooms
  • Winterizing:
    Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (Euro-Design 70 with standard reinforcement),
    Uf = 1,2 W/m²K (Euro Design 70 plus with thermal barrier reinforcement)
  • Sound insulation: pana la Rw,P = 45 dB
  • Burglary protection: up to the resistance class 3 (WK3) ( ENV 1627)
  • Air permeability: class 4 (IN 12207)
  • Rainfall tightness: up to class 9A (IN 12208)


  • Economical system for many applications
  • HDF surface (finishing High-Definition): it is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  • Sloping frame in frames for more efficient drainage and easier cleaning
  • Optimal static characteristics due to the deep mounting armature
  • In general, the same type of frame and wing reinforcement, to reduce stocks
  • Optional, weldable gaskets of your choice, for rational processing
  • Eco-friendly, being recyclable


  • Design options by choosing the shapes of the wing: straight or round
  • Extensive design possibilities by coloring with decorative foils, painting or cladding on the outside with aluminum lids
  • Individual forms such as: You can accomplish the round Windows, irregular as well as inclined or divided by splashes