Certification for passive houses-variant of the GENEO®

Another variant of system design Geneo, GENEO is PHZ (certificate for passive houses). By using thermal modules placed in the rooms and profiles of early special gaskets, GENEO PHZ window is certified solution in the field of passive houses.

  • Constructive depth: 86mm / The median lining PHZ
  • Number of rooms: 6 rooms
  • Thermal insulation: UF up to 0.79 W/m²K
  • Material: Composite fiber BAD-FIPRO ®, covered on the outside with coextrudat BAD quality material-PVC surfaces of highest quality
  • Soundproofing: without reinforcement until the RwP = 47 dB (Rw = glass 50 dB)
  • Burglary protection: up to WK3 class, up to WK2 class without reinforcement
  • Air permeability: 4(IN 12207)
  • Ness at showers: 9The(IN 12208)


  • System profiles for Windows completely reinforced, without additional reinforcement steel
  • Exceptional stability due to the material's BAD-Hightech FIPRO ®, construction profile and improved the system of integrated stiffening (IVS)
  • The width of the visible exterior 115 mm for optimal brightness
  • Inventory and manufacturing optimized thanks to the reinforcement of beams
  • Easy handling and Assembly, due to the reduced weight advantage up to 40 %, systems of common profiles
  • The depth of the sea falţului 66 mm allows installation of insulating Talpa (3 sheets of glass)
  • Reduced pressure at closing, resulting in an opening and a closing noticeably lighter, Thanks to the innovative geometry of the trainset
  • HDF Surface (finishing High-Definition): is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly, being recyclable


  • Multiple architectural possibilities, Thanks to individual shapes, e.g.. Round Windows, irregular, and inclined, economically feasible for the first time with the complete reinforcement
  • Run multiple opportunities, because of the staining with decorative foils ,coating or plating aluminium caps
  • Grey seals for white and black profiles for color profiles
  • 20 ° orientation and external rays 5 mm for an elegant optical


The following ancillary items and additional products are disponile system Geneo PHZ:
  • The solution for corners without condensation:Prevents the formation of mould and condensation effectively (FROM 4108-2). The solution for corners and angles at the corners with 90 ⁰ inner angles between variables and 90 180 ⁰ ⁰
  • THERMAL Comfort-Design plus:System profiles for roller blinds protect against light and effective indiscreet glances. Of your choice, available with automatic insect mesh


Feeling good starts with a pleasant temeratură.

SYNEGO profiles system ensures a pleasant temperature, a high level of comfort and safety for your dwelling: in comparison to the current standard Windows, SYNEGO convinces with a thermal insulation level up to 50% higher *. Thus, you will significantly reduce the cost of heating the home and you will experience a new feeling of well-being, to which you'll never want to let go never:
  • Energy saving due to the high level of thermal insulation
  • Low noise with the highest level of sound insulation
  • Increased level of safety burglar protection thanks to the individual
  • Creative design of Windows with the over 220 of colors and a multitude of shapes
  • Windows clean, shiny with perfectly smooth surfaces due to High Definition unique formula Finishing
  • Low impact on the environment due to the manufacturing process, protecting natural resources
*Standard window Uw = 1,36 W/m²K; Uw = SYNEGO with 0,66 W/m²K
You can choose between many options for your Windows SYNEGO: bright white, decorative wood imitation foil, warm colors, with structured surfaces or uni colours modern. Choose your favorite color from among the over 220 of decorative foils available. You can opt for a different look from the inside and the outside, for example on the outside and white anthracite classic interior.

Wide range of colors:

Posibilităţi nelimitate în materie de design cu cele peste 220 de culori şi cu multitudine de forme.

Inside Windows hide a ingenious architecture.

  • Depth exceeding 80 mm for slender proportions
  • The height of the visible part of 117 mm, for a high level of brightness
  • Glass thickness up to 51 mm, allow the installation of a thermal insulating glazing with 3 sheets of glass
  • 7 frame cameras, 6 single rooms for optimum insulation
  • Perimeter seals, for a reliable protection against the currents of air and moisture
  • Extra, There is a third plan for sealing (the median lining) for added thermal insulation

Euro Design 70

Profile PVC REHAU – Euro Design 70Euro-Design 70 offers the best conditions for construction projects.

Accredited with REHAU quality standards, Euro-Design 70 is an economical window system. Numerous shapes, colors and design palette, offers many possibilities for their design.

Technical specifications for Euro Design 70:

  • Constructive depth: 70 mm
  • Number of rooms: 5 rooms
  • Winterizing: Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (Euro-Design 70 with standard reinforcement), Uf = 1,2 W/m²K (Euro Design 70 plus with thermal barrier reinforcement)
  • Sound insulation: pana la Rw,P = 45 dB
  • Burglary protection: up to the resistance class 3 (WK3) ( ENV 1627)
  • Air permeability: class 4 (IN 12207)
  • Rainfall tightness: up to class 9A (IN 12208)


  • Economical system for many applications
  • HDF surface (finishing High-Definition): it is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  • Sloping frame in frames for more efficient drainage and easier cleaning
  • Optimal static characteristics due to the deep mounting armature
  • In general, the same type of frame and wing reinforcement, to reduce stocks
  • Optional, weldable gaskets of your choice, for rational processing
  • Eco-friendly, being recyclable


  • Design options by choosing the shapes of the wing: straight or round
  • Extensive design possibilities by coloring with decorative foils, painting or cladding on the outside with aluminum lids
  • Individual forms such as: You can accomplish the round Windows, irregular as well as inclined or divided by splashes

Rehau Euro 86 PLUS

Depth of economic system 86 mm for very good thermal insulation

Great design depth, by 86 mm window, allows you to mount any glass insulator up to 3 sheets of glass with very good thermal insulation. In addition, Technica multicamerală uses efficient air as insulation. Achievement in various forms, the many colors and patterns of leaf, allow many possibilities to customize your window.


  • Depth: 86 mm / Contact seal
  • Number rooms: 6 rooms
  • Heat insulation : UF up to 1,1 W/m²K
  • Sound proofing: up to Rw,P = 46 dB
  • Burglary protection : up to resistance class 2(WK2)
  • Air permeability : 4 (DIN EN 12207)
  • Tightness in the rain showers : 9The (DIN EN 12208)


  • Recommended for houses with low energy consumption and energy efficiency renovations
  • High capacity tightness in the wind and rain showers, Thanks to its intelligent geometry of reinforcement and steel profiles
  • Visible width 115 mm for optimal brightness
  • Great depth of falţului 66 mm allows mounting of isolating glazing Talpa (3 sheets of glass)
  • HDF Surface (finishing High-Definition): is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly, being recyclable


  • Many architectural possibilities through individual forms, eg. You can accomplish the round Windows, asymmetrical and skewed or divided through grilles
  • Countless possibilities of expression through comprehensive palette of decorative foils, and painting
  • Grey trimmings for black and white trimmings profiles for color profiles put accents on profile
  • Angles of 20 ° c and external rays 5 mm for an elegant optical


The following additional products and accessories are available for the Euro-system 1 86 plus:
  • The solution for corners without condensation:
Prevents the formation of mould and condensation effectively (FROM 4108-2) The solution for corners and angles at the corners with 90 ⁰ inner angles between variables and 90 180 ⁰ ⁰
  • THERMAL Comfort-Design plus: System profiles provides effective protection against rolls light and indiscreet glances. Of your choice, available with automatic insect mesh.

Rehau Geneo

Profile PVC REHAU – GENEO® is energetically the best system of profiles for windows with a depth of 86 mm that currently exists on the construction market.

The peculiarity of GENEO® systems, is the RAU-FIPRO® high-tech material. This fiberglass composite material gives these Rehau insulated windows a special stability. Through this technique, steel fittings no longer required, a reduction of costs is ensured with 90%. In this way, GENEO® ensures the best thermal insulation values, eliminating thermal bridges caused by the use of steel reinforcement. Even technical regulations for energy conservation (EnEV), are made above requirements with GENEO®. at the same time, the window system offers the premises for design and comfort, without the need for compromise solutions.

Technical specifications for insulated windows Rehau with 6 rooms – GENEO:

  • Constructive adacime: 86 mm / median set
  • Number of rooms: 6 rooms
  • Winterizing: Uf = pana la 0,85 W/m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76%*
  • Material: RAU-FIPRO® fiber composite, covered on the outside with quality RAU-PVC coextruded material for the best quality surfaces
  • Soundproofing: without reinforcement, to RwP = 47 dB (Rw = glass 50 dB)
  • Burglary protection: up to class WK3, up to class WK2 without reinforcement
  • Air permeability: 4(IN 12207)
  • Water tightness: 9The (IN 12208)
  • *Calculation values: Reducing energy loss through windows by replacing old wooden ones / PVC from the years 80 (Uf= 1,9, and = 3,0) with REHAU GENEO double glazing (Uf= 0,86, and = 0,5, window size 123×148 cm)


  • Thermopanes with a fully reinforced window profile system, without additional steel reinforcement
  • Exceptional stability due to the Hightech RAU-FIPRO® material, of the perfected construction of the profile and the integrated stiffening system (IVS)
  • Visible width, the outside, by 115 mm for optimal brightness
  • Optimized stocks and production due to the complete reinforcement of the profiles
  • Easy handling and assembly, due to the advantage of low weight, from to 40 %, compared to the usual profile systems
  • Functional cameras for optimizing the thermal insulating properties of the profile by using thermomodules
  • Large depth of the fold 66 mm allows the installation of triple insulating glass (3 glass sheets)
  • Reduced closing pressure, resulting in a significantly easier opening and closing, due to the innovative geometry of the gasket
  • HDF surface (finishing High-Definition): it is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly, being recyclable
  • Energy efficiency brought to perfection with the Geneo Family (Windows, entrance doors, sliding doors with lifting) for optimal insulation in constructions.

Salamander – BluEvolution 92

Salamander bluEvolution 92 represents the flagship of the german.

With a width of 92 mm in the case of Windows to 126 mm in the case of doors, bluEvolution represents a perfect outline overlapping between, design and functionality.

The baton round for modern design, the 3 sealing gaskets (grey to white Windows), the 6 air chambers inside the profiles, and fittings of rectangular 2 mm represents the significant advantages of top Windows.

Together with hardware Siegenia, with a high degree of security and equipped with a bottle of Talpa 52 mm, produced by Saint-Gobain, our clients will have the certainty that they chose the perfect product for their home.

Windows bluEvolution Salamander 92 both are available on the color white, and allotropes that mimic wood: Golden oak, venghe, Walnut or other special colors.

At your request we can deliver Windows are available in any bluEvolution Salamander color from the RAL.

Salamander Streamline 76 mm chambler

Salamander Streamline Windows offers system 5 rooms, construction depth 76 mm 2 levels of sealants. Guarantees optimal thermal insulation and noise protection, as well as a high degree of security, all this to feel good and comfortable.

Salamander Streamline heat-panes are highly resistant to weathering, easy to clean surfaces, establish new standards in terms of durability and ease of care.

Windows Salamander Streamline 76 perfect fit for housing renovation with modern style.

Whether it is a new or old: arched Windows, sharp segments, or various other forms, Salamander provides a Windows creative fascinating potential. Thus, panes can be adapted to any style of building

In modern architecture, Creative architects decide to put more emphasis on building forms with nerefulate with symmetric or asymmetric forms.