Mosquito nets

The casing is aluminum insect screens nets, available in standard colors: White and dark brown. Amature NET is made of fiber glass. The nets mounted screens in framing the glass or inside the roll and are available in a variety of colors (in order not to make the discrepancy between colour and place the joinery). The models available are: fixed system, horizontal roller system and vertical roll.

Mosquito nets and installation can be achieved with adhesive tape or with galvanized chipboard screws.

» <0,51
» 0,51 - 1,00
» 1,01 - 2,00
» 2,01 - 2,50
» 2,51 - 3,00
» 3,01 - 3,50
» 3,50
Available sizes, expressed in (mp), that varies depending on the desired model.

Actionare manuala tip rulou cu arc

Armatura realizata din fibra de sticla

Carcasa aluminiu Pentru sistemul fix: aluminum profiles

Casing colors: White and dark brown

Mounting with adhesive tape or with galvanized chipboard screws

Assembly place the fixed system: hinges, cubicle or plastic magnets

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Advantages of mosquito nets

The need for a peaceful night's sleep is a priority for anyone's home. The use of nets and solve the problem of mosquitoes screens or other insect species, no use of insecticides. Airing your housing will be able to do throughout the day and night, eliminating the risk of having little surprises. Due to mosquito-nets, you do not need to give the fresh air from the warm summer nights, assuring you all comforts for a peaceful night's sleep.