Advantages of aluminium roller shutters

Elegant and useful, Aluminium roller shutters have tabs filled with polyurethane foam, This fact makes a good thermal and acoustic insulation. They can be fitted with the system or with yala Autolock, simplicity is, Thus, burglary protection. Upon request, the roller may have a manual or motor-operated with the remote control. Aluminium roller shutters can be plain or with built-in screens nets. Sales are effected only for automatic, NET being manually operated.. Soni Group is the manufacturer and distributor of roller shutters, so the prices are among the best in the country.

Roller shutters

Made of aluminium, roller shutters are fitted with manual or automatic actuation, with the remote control. Available in a wide range of colors, roller shutters with aluminum casing can be square or round. In case of coils with round housing, on a profile is applied to guides rounded with aesthetic.

Having a high degree of finishing, roller shutters have always constituted the perfect combination between aesthetic and useful.


Mai multe rulouri intr-o carcasa

Profil L pentru prindere in glaf

Plasa antiinsecte incadrata in interior

Realizare coltar inferior la culori standard

Caseta cu manivela fractionala (foldable)

» Manual
» electric
Standard: Satin white or brown. Optional: Lane (Ribbon) white or brown. Optional: driving through the arc and tensioners bolt recommended for commercial spaces.

Plain or with built-in insect screens

Aluminum profiles 37 x 8.5 mm

Umplutura cu spuma poliuretanica fara CFC

Sisteme de ghidaje din aluminiu

Izolare termica si acustica

Sun protection system for Windows with fixed or mobile blades

Sun protection system from TAMIZ CORTIZO for Windows with fixed or mobile blades

Rezistenta termica a oblonului si a camerei ▲R=0.08 m²K/W EN ISO 10077-1:2000   UW transmitanta window UWS transmitanta couple window-shutter

· Closure with fixed or obliquely oriented blades · Opaque closure (sandwich panel) · Glass glazing

-Of swinging 1, 2, 3 and 4 sheets · Folding · Sliding
Apertura #1 Apertura #3 Apertura #10

SECTIONS · Heel - 47 mm. · He was - 40 mm. THICKNESS PROFILE Window 1,3 mm. USA 1,5 mm.

DIMENSIUNI MAXIME Latime (L)= 1.600 mm. Height (H)= 2.500 mm. *Window 1 maximum sheet Weight swinging/sheet 65 Kg. See maximum weights and dimensions for other types.
Resistance to wind load (UNE 13659:2004) : CLASS 5 Reference sample 1,50 x 1,50 m. 2 sheets
Painting colors (RAL, Motley and textured) Vopsire imitatie lemn Vopsire antibacteriana Anodizat